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Automobile Design and Illumination

Summer Courses at El Escorial - Universidad Complutense Madrid
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Diego García

Product and Transport Designer

The summer courses at El Escorial, Universidad de Complutense in Madrid celebrated their 30th anniversary this year. They served as a highly regarded reference for dealing with social, scientific and political themes, complemented regular school year education and promoted a cultural exchange amongst students from various continents.

In this 30th edition that took place the 26 June – 21 July, Diego García, of Mormedi’s Industrial and Product Design team, was invited to give a presentation on the topic of automobile design and illumination, organized by the University’s Department of Optics and sponsored by Valeo.

The talk, “Automobile Design and Illumination” was given with the aim of showing the students (the majority enrolled in specialized Optics and Optometry courses and far from the field of design) the historic relationship between design and optics in automobiles.

During the conference, Diego highlighted key moments in the history of illumination in automobiles, examples of classic cars with innovative lighting solutions, current technologies and future trends, and how they were all relevant to design centers of major car brands.

To the automotive industry, the design of headlights has evolved into a showcase of innovation and a point of differentiation amongst car models and brands’ values. This is just the beginning. In the future, illumination will not only serve to improve visibility, but will also be a fundamental element for the communication between autonomous vehicles and their surrounding environment: pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

The presentation was well-received by the students, and left them with a renewed vision of their studies and how they related to the world of design.

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