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Hoy se habla de...

Innovation in Education
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As part of our internal sessions called "Hoy se habla de...", last Thursday we had the pleasure to receive a guest lecture about "innovation in education" by Gonzalo Romero, innovation manager at Mirasur School. He and his team are doing an outstanding work bringing new methodologies and pedagogical models to the classes in order to foster new skills required in our current world, such as critical thinking, team work, creativity, oral and written communication an empathy within the children.

"Technology is the means to transfer knowledge faster and more efficiently, but using technological devices should not be the end goal".

We ended the masterclass with a bag full of takeaways: the theory of the multiple intelligences, Bloom"s taxonomy, mindfulness at school... In conclusion, we experienced a new and interesting angle to educate the children of today and tomorrow.


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