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Hoy se habla de...

products we would have loved to design
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Daniela Saucedo

Daniela Saucedo

Senior Strategic Designer

Every day we are inspired by different products and even we would have liked to design some of them. Some for their aesthetics, usability, CMF, timelessness, or simply because they have been innovative regarding the solutions proposed.

In this "Hoy se habla de..." session, we talked about classic products of different categories, which we would have loved to design in our studio and reflected on those characteristics that make them extraordinary.


Stool 60 - 1935 | Alvar Alto
A product that surprises us by its timelessness, of an exemplary constructive simplicity, this armchair is one of the iconic products that Artek continues to commercialize. In 2015, to celebrate its 80th anniversary in the market, it was the object of various interventions by the hand of Hella Jongerious, King Kawakubo or firms like Comme des Garçons. 

Campari soda bottle - 1932 | Fortunato Depero 
In the shape of an inverted cup this bottle was the first drink pre-mixed in the history of products with low alcohol content. The futurist Depero not only collaborated with the brand in the production of this bottle, one of the most iconic products of the Campari group, but also was responsible for producing advertising images, being the futurists, the first artistic group to collaborate with industry and world of advertising.

Kikkoman soy bottle - 1957 | Kenji Ekuan 
Designed by the founder of the GK Design Group (creators of the Yamaha VMAS motorcycle, the Komachi bullet train and the Narita Express Airport shuttle train), this soy bottle has been an icon of Japanese design since its inception. It is said that it took more than 3 years and more than 100 prototypes in which the designer and his team come to the final solution. Inspired by an inverted teapot, this design with more than 300 million dispensers sold worldwide, laid the foundation for packaging design in Japan. 

Braun products - 50´s - 60´s y 70´s | Dieter Rams 
"Less, but with better execution". Impossible to perform this exercise without mentioning Dieter Rams and the products he designed along with his team being head of design in Braun. With a minimalist approach, Rams encourages the fundamental aspects of each product and avoids recharging them with everything that is not essential. The result: simplicity and visual purity in their products.


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