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Hoy Se Habla de Start-Up Companies

Startup Companies
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José Luis Martín-Oar Ripoll

Business Strategist

In this week’s “Hoy se habla de…” session our focus was put in better understanding the Startup ecosystem and lifecycle. After a brief introduction to the Startup universe we were lucky enough to receive the visit of Antonio Espinosa, CEO of Auara Social Enterprise.

Auara was founded in 2014 with the objective of improving the coverage of safe drinking water to the more than 700 million people around the world lacking this basic resource. Auara sells naturally sourced mineral water, in 100% recycled PET bottles and uses 100% of profits in funding water projects that increase the coverage of improved drinking water in developing countries. Auara is the first company in Spain and the fourth outside the UK to have obtained the Social Enterprise Mark, an independently audited certification that guarantees their social and environmental compromise.

Auara’s presentation was an excellent framework to discuss the growth of social entrepreneurship and to remind us that social and environmental considerations are not only new variables to be considered in business model design but that they also open the door to new exciting innovation opportunities.

Good luck Auara!


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