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Next generation product strategy

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Mormedi is responsible for the design of the new Telefonica “Home Gateway Unit” (HGU) also called high speed router, the first product that has been launched by their Device Development Center. Thanks to the HGU “Movistar Fusión” clients will be able to reduce the amount of devices they need to install in their home from three to just one that integrates the ONT (Optical network terminal), and 5GHz router.


Mormedi’s design brings a fresh and clean look into the home context. A modern design language with clean lines, soft finishing and horizontal volumes, emphasized by different materials create a sense of lightness contrasted by the high performance look of the ventilation slots. The stackable design allows the user to efficiently store all devices they need for internet and intelligent TV access. The objective of this project was to define a home device strategy for Telefonica that would enhance brand engagement and customer loyalty. Our approach was, as always backed up by key insights that we gained in our research phase.

Firstly the fact that Telcos have to evolve from being a commodity to facilitators of a better life for their customers. Secondly we quickly realized that the majority of devices currently in the market (Internet routers and TV decoders) are very unattractive and lack design consistency. Mormedi also provided the systemization of the design language approach in the form of a Design Guide to assure its correct and coherent application to future products.

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