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Daniela Saucedo


Mormedi visited Aircraft Interiors, one of the most important worldwide fairs in the world of aviation, which took place in Hamburg.

Attending to AIX allow us to keep updated and know the trends in this field, from technology, certified materials, new products, manufacturers of seats, galleys, to caterers, amenities, tableware, etc.


What did seem interested to us?

#WiFi for all
Although the issue of onboard WIFI is a reality, this year we have been surprised by the number of companies offering this technology. It seems that very soon, we can hear our playlists and see our movies in streaming.

# Sophisticated unpholstery
While unpholstery in the world of aviation usually responded to more functional tan aesthitical criteria, lately we have seen companies like Sabeti Aerospace, or MGR Foam Tex, which are adding greater sophistication and detail to this world by creating a new standard in the industry.

#Not only windows
Customizable Windows are landing in our cabins, even though we had seen concepts around this idea, we will see them very soon in aircrafts and we will be flying with them as part of our entertainment or helping to create a better atmosphere inside the cabin.

#Virtual reality on board
Deal has been said that 2016 will be the year of virtual reality, and at AIX we could see that aviation will not lag behind this trend and new enterprises have born as Inflight VR, that are pushing for airlines to incorporate soon this service on board.


#Dynamic ceilings
Also, we have seen that DIEHL Aerosystem, surprised not only by the quality of their products, but also for including concepts committed to greener concepts such as “Dacapo” or dynamic spaces for the delight of its passengers.

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