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Aircraft Interiors

The Potential of Monuments
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José Luis Martín-Oar Ripoll

Business Strategist Lead

Aircraft interiors are usually thought of as highly optimized spaces. Monuments in particular are rarely seen as an area for innovation. These elements are mostly used as simple dividers and branding surfaces, and innovation is often limited to finding the lightest and most resistant materials.

At Mormedi we believe that with the development of LED lighting and large modular LED displays, these highly visual elements could be integrated into monuments. Together they could be used more efficiently and help airlines to differentiate themselves from competitors, drive sales and enhance passenger experience.

For airlines that offer an all inclusive full range of services, we see opportunities for brand building by using the displays to create emotional and cultural links to the brand. For low cost airlines and the unbundling of services, we see a clear opporutnity for dynamic advertisement and the personalization of services offered by passenger segmentation.

Finally, for passengers, we see the displays as a tool to create different moods by integrating them further with lighting, using them as a communication tool to show dynamic information like flight data and multi-language assistance, and as an interactive entertainment platform for the front row seats.


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