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Leveraging the sales of non financial products.

BBVA, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, asked for the redefinition of the customer experience at their branches with the aim to increase sales of non financial products.


Our challenge

A team formed by strategists, sociologists and product designers from Mormedi took responsibility for the challenge of understanding the current status of the BBVA’s portfolio of non-financial services and communication and sales channels to design the best possible shopping experience for its customers in branches.

Our path

To define the new customer experience for BBVA, we carried out a thorough investigation of the services and products of the bank and its main competitors. In addition, we conducted interviews with managers and BBVA customers to discover their needs and frustrations along the experience in the procurement process.

We analyzed in depth the different spaces in the bank branches to create specific solutions for each area taking into account aspects of the context of purchase as communication, type of product and customer service. Finally, to ensure the reliability of the concepts created, we conducted a technical analysis opting for a simple and reliable technology, designed to please the public without causing rejection.


Our achievements

We built an integrated experience, making it easier for BBVA customers discover and choose the products they are interested, in a very intuitive way, so that they can apply for credits in a simplified five-step process. The final solution provided by Mormedi gives added value to customers while motivating managers to interact with clients differently, with a more personalized service, satisfying the consumer and, therefore, enables the exponential increase of sales.

BBVA entrusted us to redefine the customer experience in their branches. We conducted a thorough investigation of services and bank products and its main competitors to design the best possible shopping experience for its customers.



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