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Consumer-centric shift in service and value propositions

It was clear to Telefónica that they needed to get a better understanding of their Movistar brand’s customers - what they expect from a mobile operator and how they use their phones.


Our challenge

Telefónica asked Mormedi to work with them on a strategic project that focused on pre-loaded services on mobile phones and growing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) through a more customer-centric approach.

Our path

The scope of this project was of such magnitude that it required a complex methodological staging, including non-focus group interviews, in-depth contextual interviews and a series of co-creation workshops with customers.

Our achievements

Mormedi defined a strategic toolset that allowed Telefónica’s Movistar team to offer a more customer-centric service delivery and value proposition, that they could apply throughout their ecosystem, including telephone, in-store and online services. We also helped them realise that ensuring a seamless process of service discovery is at least as important as choosing the “right” pre-installed services themselves.

We were able to provide value far beyond the initial project scope by shifting Telefónica’s understanding of their customer base



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