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Convergence of brick-and-mortar and digital retail

Mormedi teamed up with Imersivo to create a new shopping ecosystem...a tool enabling brands to convert the customer experience from the digital to the physical world.


Our challenge

The challenge faced by Mormedi was the integration of a new technology that used facial and gestural recognition into a product that met the needs of the most demanding retailers: attracting online customers and not disappointing them with the in-store shopping experience.

The aim was to create a framework for retail services that offered a consistent experience across an ecosystem of multiple channels, screens on the digital interfaces outside and inside stores, as well as via web and mobile.


Our path

Mormedi studied the new technology developed by Imersivo and analysed it to understand all that it could offer. We defined the sectors in which the product could be used: clothes, accessories, perfumes and consumer electronics.

We considered the different ways customers could interact with the brand and created an adaptable module for each situation. We analysed existing technology in the market that could help us to potentiate the product: tactile screens, high brightness, last generation payment and how to integrate it in an ergonomical and functional design.

Finally we collaborated with Imersivo in the creation of a bricks-and-mortar retail point-of-sale "Cube", developing a prototype, and defining material and finishes, that would transmit elegance and sophistication.

Our achievements

Imersivo has blurred the lines between the online and physical store, offering the best of both worlds and improving the consumer shopping experience. The natural interaction of customers with the "Cube’s" 82" tactile screen in real-time, and having the options of using their mobile phones as remote controls and products shipped direct-to-home, was a ground-breaking venture. 

A simple and elegant design, and carefully selected materials, has made Imersivo a retail sales tool adaptable to almost any environment.

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"We hired Mormedi to make tangible our Internet of Things platform and they went far beyond our expectations. The "Cube" they created was a concept reflecting Imersivo’s value proposition, a new sales channel, and a "pop-up" type store that would increase sales beyond any current, standard retail environment"

Beatriz Lara

Imersivo CEO


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