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RENFE Cercanías

Creating a modern train station environment

RENFE Cercanías – the state company responsible for the operation of commuter trains and stations in major Spanish cities, entrusted Mormedi with the redesign of its environment, including station entrances, hallways, corridors access, furniture, train carriages, signage and in-station flow. 


Our challenge

The company wanted to remove design fragmentation from its trains and train stations, and promote the RENFE Cercanías brand in-line with its new corporate image. 


Our path

Mormedi analysed different RENFE Cercanias train stations to draw conclusions that helped us define the new environment. We explored: the customer expectations of all travelers, as well as taking in to account the aging population, people with disabilities and those with luggage; expectations of the company; brand awareness; sustainability; safety; and adaptability to new technologies. 

Our achievements

Based on the iconic logo of RENFE Cercanías, a coherent design language was developed and applied consistently throughout the entire station environment, thus creating a unified image for the RENFE Cercanías brand. Modularity of the designs and an increase in material robustness were other improvements that added value.

The result was a coherent travel experience that provided solutions for all customers, and addressed the perception of brand image and value for services provided


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