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Designing a new brand language for a young consumer electronics company

BQ is a young Spanish company that provides technology products such as tablets, consoles and smartphones at affordable prices.



Our challenge

The consumer electronics sector was highly competitive, with fierce competition between brands. New products, increasingly innovative and of higher quality, were appearing very often. With this in mind, BQ asked Mormedi to improve the perceived quality of their products and enhance their brand image.

Our team had to create a product strategy and design a brand language that reached the right balance between the functional and the emotional, and also reflected values such as purity, experience and quality.

Our path

In collaboration with BQ, we: defined their brand values; identified their goals; position in the market; consumer perception; strengths and areas for improvement; user needs and market trends (materials, colors and finishes). 

Only then, we began to work on the product design, performing volumetric studies to improve the ergonomics and achieve a unique design. Finally, we performed in-situ monitoring work in BQ factories to ensure a high-level of production quality

Our achievements

We designed a unique product range that stood out against the competition due to its simplicity, robustness, and an image that made it easily recognisable as a BQ device. With the noticeable step-change in the quality of the materials and finishes of their devices, BQ’s brand perception was markedly improved.

BQ sales increased significantly thanks to the new device designs. BQ became one of the top three best-selling mobile phone brands in Spain in 2014 and 2015



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