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Taking care of your loved ones.

We helped Nestwork to design an innovative personal safety device that alerts the user relatives of your location in case of emergency and the entire ecosystem to provide personal attention through mobile remote assistance.


Our challenge

We analyzed in detail the world of security from an approach based on user needs, for which we carried out multiple interviews and we conducted accompaniment activities in the homes of target users. In addition, we studied location and alert technologies available in the market, competing products, and we performed a host of product testing.

Based on existing technology, we designed a device that meets the needs and aspirations of users in various fields, such as aesthetics, durability, usability, functionality, etc. and at the same time, it solves the priority gaps in our initial analysis: easy to use, universal, discreet, compact and resistant design.

Our path

Once we have identified user needs and market niches, we began to design a new product that will position Nestwork with a differential value over its competition. We provided value-added features (SOS bracelet, live-tracking, fall sensor, geo-zones, SMS alert, bi-directional voice), a customized user design and a competitive price in the Premium category.

Mormedi’s involvement in this project was very broad: we delimited the opportunity, we conceptualized a new user-centric device and we designed the packaging, user manual, color proposals, advertising images and digital experience platform. Likewise, and to ensure the quality of the product, we accompanied the client during the development of the device, crucial for success in the manufacture of the family of devices. We conceived the whole customer experience, defining target customers, their drivers, different use cases and the map of opportunities for a successful commercialization.


Our achievements

We developed a device and a bracelet which differs from the rest of the competition, thanks to the integration of positioning technology -both outdoors and indoors- with value-added features in a compact, integrated design in a comprehensive and unique customer experience.

Our design is the only product in its category awarded with a Red Dot Design Award (2013) and a Good Design Award (2012). The E-nest personal safety device, stands out for its modern design, based on discretion, ease of use, bracelet with SOS button, visual simplicity and the development of a smooth and resistant surface that provides reassurance to the lives of its users.

"Mormedi helped us to create a winning solution, focused on people, as well as to help to optimize the experience we deliver to our customers. Since then they work with us on all our new developments."

David Pueyo

Nestwork Commercial Director


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