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Improving the life of chronic illness patients

Mormedi collaborated with Telefónica's research team on the design of Cronica, an e-Health application used to help facilitate the management of chronic diseases.


Our challenge

Some chronic disease patients are not only challenged by strict medication and bio measurement routines, and regular doctors appointments, they may feel vulnerable and uncertain about how to react if an emergency were to occur. Our task was to contribute to the transformation of the current healthcare system towards a more patient-centric, "human" model.

Our path

Through workshops with chronic patients and additional research and analysis, we validated assumptions, identified key insights such as the importance of the caretaker role, developed concepts, defined UX guidelines & system requirements, tested prototypes and delivered graphic implementations for each brand at both a high-and-detailed level, in terms of architecture, wireframes and concept development.


Our achievements

With the work delivered by Mormedi, Cronica became an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that people with chronic illnesses and their caretakers could use to help manage and improve their healthcare, with key features important to them such as privacy, security and easy access to relevant information.

Cronica was designed to help reduce the impact of chronic conditions by providing peace of mind and empowerment to both the patient and caretaker



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