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New, easy to understand utility bills

As one of the main energy providers in Spain, Gas Natural Fenosa tasked Mormedi with assisting them in the redesign of the new invoices for the corporate and property management segments (MTYSE). Three out of four consumers didn’t understand their invoices. Could this be changed?


Our challenge

Put the customer in the centre at each step of the new invoice design process, in order to create a version that truly served them.

Our path

Mormedi interviewed key stakeholders and customers to get a clear picture of which elements of the invoices needed to change. We then made the concepts tangible, again in collaboration with customers. We determined the ideal format and the best way of ordering the elements, prioritising the most important ones and determining those that could be removed.

Our achievements

The new invoice had an easy-to-read structure that helped customers understand the content better. The updated design included specific information requested by customers and space to advertise complementary services. This provided clarity and transparency and created a more positive brand image.

The invoice Mormedi designed met all of the business, brand identity and customer satisfaction goals: 100% of customers were happy with the new format

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