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Redefining the bank branch experience

Banco Santander turned to Mormedi to help re-imagine the customer experience at its new headquarters in Madrid. We needed to detect the touch points that weren’t coherent with the brand image and values the bank wanted to convey: simple, personal and fair.


Our challenge

The main challenge was to define the ideal level of attention for each customer segment. Catering for a range of customers, from Casual to Select (high-value) clients, we aimed to achieve the perfect balance between personalised service and self-service.

Our path

Mormedi visualised the customer experience through a 3D-printed model of the office, then developed our thinking by conducting focus groups with customers and employees. This helped us to refine our plans to fit with customer needs. Finally, we made the new customer experience real by creating customer journeys, illustrating the ideal customer experience from four different points of view: technology, space, protocols and processes.

We took care to define the roles of employees, ensuring that their way of working was aligned with the bank’s objectives and enabling them to work efficiently in the new branch environment.

Our achievements

We created a new customer experience that modernised the image of the Banco Santander branch by implementing innovative technology and designing new service models and sales tools. 

The new customer service design enabled employees to offload a significant amount of work, leaving them free to focus on commercial activities. This gave them time to achieve their goals and progress in their careers.

Based on a design proposal from Allen International, our team applied design thinking and service design methodologies to assure the success of technical, spacial and procedural aspects.  


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