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Unlocking digital value in a physical business

Mormedi helped REPSOL develop concrete, defensible ideas for transformative new business opportunities. 


Our challenge

The brief focused on creating innovative digital solutions that would generate new revenue streams and substantial income for the company.

Our path

We defined a digital innovation strategy based on insights uncovered from user research, stakeholder interviews, market research, and technology trend analysis.

Our team indentified opportunity areas, innovation platforms and value propositions, and then prioritised the four value propositions with the most potential in order to develop new business and services models.

Mormedi created digital mock-ups and built revenue projection models for each proposition. 

Our achievements

Mormedi’s collaboration with REPSOL has given them a new type of relationship with their customers; reinforced competitiveness; generated scalable business opportunities; and increased brand visibility amongst consumers.

The scope ranged from adding a digital layer to existing services to the creation of entirely new digital products

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