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Using design & technology to create a new urban bus

We worked with the Spanish bus manufacturing company Castrosua to design Tempus, a new type of hybrid bus. It would be the first diesel hybrid model fully designed and manufactured in Spain, and that could reach up to 300km without refuelling/recharging and produce zero emissions.


Our challenge

The design of urban transport vehicles is complex, with the need to combine usability, efficiency and having the vehicle “fit in” within the city’s landscape.

Tempus had to meet all of these requirements, while also providing an attractive and distinctive style over its competitors’ propositions and integrating the latest in hybrid transportation technology.

Our path

We evaluated the features Castrosua’s competitors offered and how they faced the challenge of aesthetics and capacity. We analysed technical complexities, transportation regulations, and passenger usage patterns, issues and expectations.

At the design phase, Mormedi developed several 3D and handmade concept models. We conceived of three different spaces in the bus: the back as a lounge area for longer journeys; the centre as a living space; and the front entrance as a welcoming reception area to receive and redirect passengers.

Our achievements

The creation of a hybrid bus with a fresh urban look that emphasised functionality, safety and comfort, combined with extra-wide windows and an interior layout that gave priority to standing passengers. The result...a much more enjoyable ride around the city.

Tempus circulates in the centre of cities like Madrid (in several lines of EMT).

It was presented at the FIAA 2008 Exhibition, where it was chosen as “Bus of the Year in Spain 2009”. Also, in 2009 it received a Red Dot Design Award and in 2012 a Good Design Product Award.

“Innovation is synonymous with survival. The ones not able to add value to products will be doomed to suffer brutal competition from countries with cheaper labour."

Antonio Barreiro

Director of Research and Development, Castrosua


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