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Luis holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid.

He has over 18 years of experience working as engineer, assuming both technical and managing responsibilities. His professional career was mainly developed in international consultancy companies.

As an engineer, Luis expertise covers the complete process from designing and manufacturing to structures, interior and installations assembling, in several different mechanical systems. He is experienced in leading multidisciplinary teams, bridging the work of profiles such as manufacturers, airlines and certifiers.

As a manager, he led the department of interior design working for train manufacturers. He was responsible of ensuring the design was feasible and met all the technical specifications.

As a consultant, he led projects in the aeronautical industry, such as the development of market studies for an airplane seat manufacturer.

Luis holds expertise in aeronautical regulations, specialized in Part 21 (DOA & POA certification process).

Luis Mendoza

Director of Bidding & Planning