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Millaray holds a bachelor’s in Architecture and Fine Arts from Universidad Europea de Madrid and a master’s in Human Centered Design from h2i institute.

She has worked as strategic designer in consultancy firms such as Oppino, as UX Design at + Front-end at eNubes and as Front-end developer at Prodes Multimedia.

Milla complements her professional career as one of the leaders of the chapter “Speculative Futures Madrid”, she also co-organised the first PRIMER EU, an annual conference that brings together leading and diverse minds in the thinking and practice of Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Strategic Foresight. 

Apart from being Strategic Designer at Mormedi, she is currently professor for the master’s in Design Thinking for Business Innovation at EDIT.

Among other relevant information, Millaray has volunteered at Create Foundation and has been tutor in Design Thinking and Lean Startup at EOI. She has also been awarded with the first Madrid Change 2016.

Millaray Vega

Strategic Designer