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Autonomous Vehicles Interior Design Symposium “Forget the tech: focus on the customer” Jaime Moreno


By Jaime Moreno, CEO & Founder

Our CEO & Founder, Jaime Moreno Medina, will be presenting his view on the future of the autonomous vehicles industry at the Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium Europe on 21st May in Stuttgart.

“Forget the tech: focus on the customer”

Although most experts predict that AVs will eventually overtake traditional vehicles, there are still many unknowns regarding use cases and how these may differ between different contexts and countries. What are the jobs to be done? In a world where cost and convenience become the key decision factors, what happens to brand and differentiation? What will be the services that will generate value for passengers and providers? How will these needs influence the design of the HMI, exterior and interior design? In order to reduce uncertainty, deep customer knowledge and the ability to design for real needs will be key.

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