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Increasing customer retention through user-centric tools

Category Financial services – Client Bankia

84% of millennials seek financial advice. But 57% of them say that they would change their bank relationship for a better technology platform.

Bankia, one of Spain’s biggest banks with more than 6 million clients, asked Mormedi to conceptualise and design a new set of online financial tools to help the company retain and effectively serve the changing needs of its clients.

The challenge

84% of millennials seek financial advice, but expect to be served in via multiple channels. As part of Bankia’s new omnichannel strategy, the bank needed to effectively serve its customers with instant, online advice. With online user experience becoming one of the main differentiators in banking, Mormedi was asked to create the UX/UI for a set of financial simulators, calculators and comparison tools.

The successful development of the financial tools led Bankia to ask Mormedi to carry out further redesigns
of the online experience

Our approach

In order to transform a mechanical and tedious process for users into an intuitive and personal learning experience, Mormedi worked closely with numerous stakeholders across Bankia.

Through an iterative co-creation process, we were able to ensure that the tools were not only useful and compliant, but also brought the customer experience to the next level.

“Unless you continuously try to be more digital, more disruptive every day, then your organization will simply not be around in a few years’ time.”

Ignacio Cea, Head Of Technology Innovation And Strategy, Bankia

Global Intelligence for the CIO, February 2017

What we did

  • Research & Stakeholders interviews
  • UX / UI design