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Becoming the #1 selling smartphone in Spain via a new design strategy

Category Consumer products – Client BQ

How did a young, local consumer electronics company take on global giants to become the best-selling mobile phone brand in Spain? In the face of fierce competition, BQ began a collaboration with Mormedi that transformed their portfolio and trebled their annual sales from 0.5 million to 1.5 million units.



Increase in sales

The challenge

The consumer electronics sector is highly competitive: new products are increasingly innovative, of higher quality, and being released evermore often. BQ therefore asked Mormedi to improve the perceived quality of their products and enhance their brand image.

Mormedi sought to create a product strategy and design a brand language with the right balance between the functional and the emotional, and that reflected the brand values of purity, experience, and quality.

Our approach

Mormedi helped BQ define a new strategy so that the company could compete effectively. We collaborated to define brand values, goals, and market positioning, within the context of consumer perception, capabilities, user needs, and market trends (colours, materials, and finishes). 

The product design phase included volumetric studies to improve the ergonomics and achieve a unique design. Mormedi oversaw production in-situ at the factory to ensure a high level of production quality.

Mormedi designed a product range that stood out due to its simplicity, robustness, and uniquely recognisable features. With the noticeable step-change in the quality of the materials and finishes of their devices, BQ’s brand perception improved markedly, leading sales to leap from 500,000 units/year to 1.5 million, becoming the best selling smartphone in Spain in August 2014.

BQ became the best selling smartphone in Spain in
August 2014

“The BQ phone became one of the best selling mobile phones in Spain last year. Simple and robust, it was designed by Mormedi, which won the National Design Award that same year.”

Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, El País, 26th July 2016

What we did

  • Global research
  • Industrial design