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Creating a new value-added category in food vending

Global vending and e-payment company Azkoyen tasked Mormedi with creating a new product category and innovating the user experience of its products.

Mormedi’s new product protoype was rolled out in the EU and US, and won a Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

The challenge

Azkoyen challenged Mormedi to help create a new product category—gourmet—within the food vending market, and to enhance the customer experience by making it more personalised and enjoyable.

Mormedi focused on optimising the integration of existing technologies into a new product in a disruptive manner, to improve customer experience and increase vending sales.

We created Button Gourmet, a self-service restaurant that went beyond the traditional vending machine. It offered a neat modular design, customisation for brands, and adaptability to almost any environment.

Our approach

To understand the key success factors, Mormedi first studied locations, trends, consumer habits, and needs to create a detailed user experience map which defined critical interaction points in different contexts.

Based on these findings, Mormedi designed a modular machine that could be tailored to suit different user profiles and environments. The final design used warm and clean materials, a modern look, and innovative signage. Our product development team accompanied Azkoyen to ensure the quality of the final prototype.

It is being piloted in Europe and under consideration for scale up in the US.

“This is a new concept that has brought the gourmet experience to self-service vending”

R&D Department Azkoyen

What we did

  • Service design
  • Global research
  • Industrial design