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Webinar “Everything as a Service: From manufacturers to service platforms”

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To discuss how organisations could create services and build platforms to grow, Mormedi organized the webinar “Everything as a Service: From Manufacturers to service platforms”. The event was moderated by Birgit Mager, President of the Global Service Design Network, and was attended by hundreds of people from around the world. 

The panel featured Jon Rodriguez, Design Director of Service Design at Philips; Takehiro Miyoshi, Senior Manager, MaaS Product and Service Planning at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, and; Jaime Moreno, Founder and CEO of Mormedi.

Service design in healthcare

In his presentation, Jon outlined the evolution of Philips, where he has built a career for the past 14 years. Philips experience design has gone through many transformations over the past 90 years. Today, Philips embraces the total experience beyond hardware, focusing on healthcare from diagnosis and treatment to connected care and personal health.

Philips went from being a technology provider to value based care, and also seeks to improve clinician and patience experience. The company has successfully transitioned from offering products to providing a total solution, moving from transactions towards a relationship with hospitals.

“Product, services and software, all working together to achieve a specific outcome. It’s never about only one of them, but a combination”, he commented. Jon said he believes that to go from an excellent product experience to an excellent clinician and patient experience requires focusing on the enablers, such as the tools, people, and processes that are around the customer experience.

Moving from automaker to mobility provider

In his presentation Takehiro, who has over 20 years of experience in the auto industry, talked about the challenges with implementation that OEMs are facing in the process of shifting to become service providers. He explained the problem has to do with the industry over focusing on technology and product instead of service. He outlined some of the service programs that Nissan is now piloting, which illustrated the carmaker’s move towards a new style of working.

“To move forward we have to think what our global purpose over this technology development is, otherwise, it won’t be approved by society. One thing that is needed is a problem-solving vision”, he said.

How can companies successfully remake themselves to become an “as a Service” company?

In Jaime’s presentation, he focused on 5 principles for manufacturers to survive and thrive in the 4th industrial revolution:

  1. Build services, that must be designed with the customer in the centre.
  2. Build software. Manufacturers need to empower their smart and connected products with a software-enabled service wrapper.
  3. Build partnerships. Companies need to create alliances and collaborate with organisations where there is a win-win opportunity.
  4. Build platforms. Exponential growth lies in enabling a product with services and letting anyone make use of it as a tool.
  5. Build interoperability. Companies should explore open APIs, collaborative industry standards, etc. The old, closed, siloed approach limits growth.

“For manufacturers to avoid becoming commoditised, with their prices and margins eroded, they must seek to own the customer relationship through services designed from a customer-centric perspective; not an engineering-driven, product-centric one”, he said.

You can watch a recording of the entire event here.

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