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Webinar “Everything as a Service: From manufacturers to service platforms”

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Over the past decade, manufacturers—from appliance makers to automakers—have seen prices drop and margins erode. Making things and selling them to customers in a single transaction has become a risky business model.

On the other hand, companies offering subscription services with recurring revenues have grown revenues approximately 6X faster than S&P 500 companies (17.8% versus 3.1%), and seen their share price outperform the S&P 500 by 3X.

To discuss on defining the Product as a Service experience, Mormedi is organizing the webinar “Everything as a Service: From Manufacturers to service platforms” 
Thursday, December 3rd 
10:00-11:15 CET
18:00-19:15 Japan

Our very special panelists for this free webinar will be Jon Rodriguez, Design Director of Service Design at Philips; Takehiro Miyoshi, Senior Manager, MaaS Product and Service Planning at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, and; Jaime Moreno, Founder and CEO of Mormedi. The event will be moderated by Birgit Mager, President of the Global Service Design Network.

Free registration here

Key speaking points

• What needs to change within a company structure to become a service company?

• What are the capabilities needed to offer both products and services?

• What kinds of services can offer real value to consumers?

• How does service design help manufacturing companies?

• How can manufacturers transform to service platforms?