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Redesigning the cabin for world-beating comfort and increased revenue

Category Transportation & mobility – Client Iberia

Iberia entrusted Mormedi with the design of its new fleet of A330 aircraft’s Business and Tourist Classes, as well as the later update of the Business Class in the A350s.

Mormedi’s clever design resulted in additional space for more seats; a 78-inch length flat bed; increased sense of privacy and comfort; aisle access for more business class seats; more space to place personal items; and a larger entertainment centre screen.

The challenge

Mormedi faced the challenge of designing seating and furniture for the A330 fleet that balanced efficiency, passenger experience, and comfort, and reflected Iberia’s brand. In addition, one of the main objectives for Iberia was improved cabin density. Managing the different companies involved, including those responsible for manufacturing and installation, was also critical to the project’s success.

The challenge

To define the best product strategy and cabin design to meet the needs of Iberia and its clients, Mormedi conducted extensive market research. This included an audit and benchmarking of the products and services of Iberia and its competitors, employee workshops, customer interviews, and the creation of a

user experience map from ticket purchase to destination exit point. We managed the entire development of the project, from conceptualisation to manufacturing, and collaborated closely with Iberia throughout the three-year long process.

The project has resulted in happier passengers, and additional revenue for Iberia

“We put our trust in Mormedi’s experience and capabilities to help us improve both the product design and customer experience, which they have done through details that provide the seat with
added comfort and privacy”

Concha Martínez Durante, Advertising, Brand & Sponsorship, Iberia

What we did

  • Service design
  • Global research
  • Industrial design