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Improving retail revenue and user experience with IoT tech

Mormedi teamed up with Imersivo to create a new shopping ecosystem, bridging customer experience between the digital and physical world.

During the pilot program, December sales in a TOUS store increased by 30% in that month.

The challenge

Imersivo had created a new technology that used facial and gestural recognition, which needed to be made into a product that met the needs of the world’s most demanding retailers and customers.

The solution needed to attract online customers and offer a cohesive shopping experience across an ecosystem of multiple channels, both mobile and in-store.

Our approach

Mormedi studied the new technology to understand all that it could offer in terms of an enhanced customer experience and how it could help increase sales. We then identified four main opportunity sectors: fashion, accessories, perfumes, and consumer electronics.

Mormedi collaborated with Imersivo in the creation of a retail point-of-sale concept called the “Cube”, developing a prototype, and defining the materials and finishes that would transmit elegance and sophistication.

During the pilot phase in a TOUS jewelry store, the Cube generated €40,000 in sales in one month from a 2 sq. m. footprint, increasing store sales by 30% 

During the pilot phase in a TOUS jewelry store, the Cube generated €30,000 in sales from a 2m2 footprint, increasing store sales by 30% that month 

“We hired Mormedi to make our Internet of Things platform tangible. They went far beyond our expectations. ”

Beatriz Lara, CEO, Imersivo

What we did

  • Global research
  • Service design
  • Industrial design