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Generating value through design: from strategy to product

Generating value through design: from strategy to product

This year, South Summit—the global innovation event that connects start-ups, corporations and investors—held its first panel to specifically address the question of design, and asked Mormedi to organise the panel. Mormedi brought together four global design leaders to discuss the question of “How to generate value through design: from strategy to product”. Here is a selection of the panel’s main insights.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

It would be strange if an entire week went by without hearing someone speak about the Internet of Things (IoT). It is in the immediate future and worth knowing more about it. The term IoT was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a researcher at MIT, and refers to the interconnection of everyday objects that converts them in to being “Smart” and amplifies their functionalities.

How to Promote, Activate and Implement Innovation

How to Promote, Activate and Implement Innovation

In a market where competition is increasing at an exponential rate, as is technology, companies are desperately seeking ways to systematize innovation in to their processes, while minimizing risks and maximizing the returns from their Research and Development departments, with the objective of assuring the success of their businesses in the future.

Featured project

Personalising the digital hotel experience for a 42% increase
in direct sales

The new app for Meliá was designed by Mormedi in order to provide
users with a customizable digital and real world experience.

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Silvia’s professional career, together with her experience in the pharmaceutical sector has forged a hybrid vision that combines agility, rigor, and efficiency with a passion for management.

Silvia’s experience has led her to be Mormedi’s Director of Corporate Development for more than 13 years. 


“We dedicate all our knowledge and enthusiasm to obtain results of the highest quality”

Silvia Cebrián

Director of Corporate Development 

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