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The Running Shoes Industry

The Running Shoes Industry

The world of sports footwear could be seen as something simple: brands that were born around sports, trying to make the best possible sneakers and who hire famous athletes so that people will buy their products.

Product Development in Design Process

Product Development in Design Process

Often many companies think that any product concept can be manufactured. Actually they are not wrong; almost everything can be manufactured, but it always depends on the budget and the deadline. As we all know these are the biggest restrictions in the project development.

Featured project

Becoming the #1 selling smartphone in Spain
via a new design strategy

In the face of fierce competition, BQ began a collaboration with Mormedi that transformed their portfolio and trebled their annual sales.

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Gonzalo has over 20 years of experience in consulting, directing digital transformation initiatives for clients in Europe and Latin America. 

He is experienced in helping global Fortune 500 clients to innovate and rethink their business models in industries including banking, insurance, airlines, retail, and utilities.

“We have the strategic vision and ability to deliver unique solutions to accelerate growth in companies”

Gonzalo Valseca

General Manager


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