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The Future of Retail in Detail

The Future of Retail in Detail

Consumers continue to go to brick-and-mortar stores for shopping (as recognized by 36% of those surveyed in the Total Retail Report 2015 PwC), but the traditional way of thinking about such establishments is beginning to become obsolete; 20% of consumers purchase through their PCs, 11% from their smartphones and 10% from their tablets.

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Improving retail revenue and user experience with IoT tech

Mormedi teamed up with Imersivo to create a new shopping ecosystem, bridging customer experience between the digital and physical world. 

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Luis’ background in aeronautical engineering and 20 years of experience in consulting make him a highly qualified expert both in the technical context and project management.

“We collaborate with our clients to generate ideas and concepts and transform them into innovative strategies, services, and products”

Luis Mendoza

Director of Bid & Project Management


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