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Making the bank branch more customer-friendly, more productive

Category Financial services – Client Santander

Banco Santander was looking to redefine the customer experience of its Smart Red branches. The company wanted to provide great customer service for complex transactions, while promoting self-service and online/mobile banking channels.

Mormedi designed a new in-branch experience for 9 markets that has contributed to higher customer satisfaction.


The challenge

Santander wanted to shift to a new branch model that would maximise personal customer attention to create new business opportunities.

Santander worked with Allen International on a new branch model that provided a novel experience for both customers and employees, but that required a new style of customer interaction. Therefore, Santander asked Mormedi to identify potential pain points and create service design solutions that would ensure a successful transition.

Our approach

Mormedi first used feedback from key stakeholders to identify which major pain points could be anticipated. To quickly and efficiently validate the new branch concept, Mormedi created a 3D-printed scale model of the new branch to allow customers and employees to envision the new space and give feedback on their needs and expectations.

Mormedi investigated and defined procedural, cultural, and technological solutions. We focused on solutions to improve outputs such as: increased employee and customer satisfaction; increased transition to digital/self-service banking; freeing up employee time from administrative tasks to concentrate more on revenue-generating interactions; increasing customer loyalty and LTV, and; increasing new client acquisition rates.

The Smart Red branches are more productive and generate higher customer satisfaction than previous branches

Source: Santander Annual Report 2017

“We have aimed for the branch to revolve around the clients giving them quick access to all services.”

Ana Botín, Group Chairman, Santander

Retail Focus, 18 January 2016 

What we did

  • Global research
  • Service design