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Designing the devices that put Movistar at the heart of millions of homes

Category Connected services – Client Movistar

The Home Gateway Unit

Mormedi began its partnership with Telefónica Movistar in 2016, with an ambitious project to position the Movistar brand at the heart of the home and increase visibility and customer loyalty. Mormedi did this by formulating a product design strategy and language that has helped elevate the Movistar brand.

The challenge

Telefonica was looking to create an ecosystem of devices and services that would differentiate it from its competitors, elevate and reinforce the brand, and create a design language to overcome the lack of design consistency suffered by its products that were being manufactured by different OEMs at the time.

Our approach

Work at Mormedi began with a brand analysis and a competitive benchmark study. Based on the output of this analysis, Mormedi created the design strategy and product design language. Mormedi created a product identity manual to give a coherent vision to the whole device family and develop an emotional bond between the user and the brand.

We accompanied Telefónica from conceptualization to mass production, including working with different OEMs to adapt their processes and perceived quality to ensure that the final product respected the original design.


The Home Gateway Unit is the physical presence that Telefonica has in more than 2 million homes around Spain and LATAM countries. Mormedi’s fresh and clean design conveys brand attributes such as modernity and sophistication to Telefonica’s customers.

By working closely with the manufacturer, Mormedi was able to significantly lower unit costs, realizing huge annual savings for Telefonica.

“[The Home Gateway Unit product line] will become a market standard […] no one has a product of this nature”.

Enrique Blanco, Global Head of Technology, Telefonica 
Efe Empresas, November 2015

Movistar Home

The new product strategy was successfully established with the launch of the Home Gateway Unit series in 2017. In 2018 Telefonica asked Mormedi to collaborate on one of its key innovation projects: the Movistar Home, powered by Aura, a digital AI assistant.

The device is set to change the entire relationship between Telefonica and its customers.

The challenge

Telefonica had developed an AI called Aura to help people manage their digital lives in a simple and natural way. But a device was needed as the interface to integrate all the services and to act as the main touchpoint for the Telefonica platform and users.

Telefonica therefore asked Mormedi to create the Movistar Home: the device that would allow people to control their digital lives, and place Movistar even more prominently in the heart of the home. The design needed to be practical, feasible, and communicate Telefonica’s brand values.

Our approach

Mormedi oversaw the entire process, from concept to manufacture. Given the central role of the device in the home, Mormedi carried out a deep study of geometries, shapes, and materials to represent the technology and company in a warm, friendly way.

Mormedi utilized the design language established within its previous work to give the device a uniquely “Telefonica” identity. The concept was adapted to fit manufacturing restrictions and to provide a more premium look, and Mormedi liaised with both the manufacturer and Telefonica to ensure stakeholder and design needs were met.


The final result is part of Telefónica’s new family of devices, recognized for their high level of technological innovation and consistent design language. The Movistar Home and Aura AI will shift how Telefonica interacts with its 340 million customers worldwide. The selected materials—textile on the front and high-impact resistance polymer on main housing—give the device a high quality and warm presence.

“A year ago we said we wanted artificial intelligence to be the basis of our clients’ relationship with us. We are delivering on our promise.”

Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete, Chairman Telefonica
ABC, February 2018

What we did

  • Design strategy
  • Industrial design