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Building the brand for a new multimodal mobility service

Category Connected services – Client Ferrovial

Ferrovial, one of Spain’s largest companies and one of the world’s leading infrastructure operators, asked Mormedi to create the brand for a mobility service that integrates the different means of transport offered by cities in a single application.

Mormedi created a brand and brand strategy to make the new service feel fresh, accessible, and relatable.


The challenge

Ferrovial needed to create a brand that was relatable and accessible to an audience that varied widely in demographics and needs, but that was going to become an essential, everyday tool.

Mormedi sought to create a product strategy and design a brand language with the right balance between the functional and the emotional, and that reflected the brand values of purity, experience, and quality.

The overarching objective at the design level was to find a solution that would feel fresh, accessible, and relatable

Our approach

The first thing we did was to understand and analyse the service and look at the company’s goals for the short, medium, and long term.

We carried out joint work sessions with the team involved in the development of the service to define with them the values, perception, and recognition that they wanted to achieve, and their relationship with the Ferrovial brand.

We defined the personality of the service, and its tone of voice. We provided a strategic vision and created a graphic universe and design language that could evolve over time, yet remain true to the company’s core values.

What we did

  • Global research
  • Digital design