Mormedi interns share their experiences: Meet Hana

    Tomas Moreno Cebrian Sagarriga

    Head of Brand and Marketing

    Say hello to Hana, Mormedi’s Strategy intern

    Please tell us a little about yourself My professional background is centered on business strategy in consumer products/retail sectors. Seeking to broaden my skill set, I pursued my master's in design engineering at Harvard to learn design methodology and data science/machine learning. I recently completed my master's and am aiming for opportunities to work at the intersection of business, design, and technology in the direct-to-consumer field.

    What did you enjoy the most about working here? One of the highlights of my experience was the autonomy given to me, allowing for the seamless integration of design and business methodologies in project execution. While I could leverage my professional experience as a business strategist, I learned how to apply design methodology in the business. In particular, I enjoyed the future scenario project about mobility, categorizing and designing what the major global cities look like in the near future and thinking about its implications. Moreover, the inclusive and familial culture at Mormedi was fantastic, including lunchtime gatherings, quarterly potluck team-sharing sessions, and birthday celebrations. The rich backgrounds and nationalities within the office further enriched this vibrant culture.

    What does a normal day for a Mormedi intern look like? I go to the office around 8.30 am to start a day by coffee with another intern. A typical day is dedicated to meetings or workshops, with the remainder spent engaged in various tasks such as research, making presentations, data visualization, and workshop preparation. Colleagues gather in the kitchen for lunch, bringing their food. I sometimes go for drinks or dinner with some of my colleagues after work.

    How was it working in Spain? It was a wonderful experience working in such a diverse and progressive city. Though I had never been to Madrid before, settling in as a newcomer was not too difficult, including finding a place and figuring out the city. My friends in Madrid and my colleagues at Mormedi helped me with a smooth transition and made my stay memorable. The Spain-specific working culture I enjoyed the most was when people brought food/sweets to share at the office daily. The office is diverse and a good size to get to know people, so I felt welcomed and connected to working there.

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