Telefónica presented Movistar Home


At the launch event of Aura celebrated on 25 February during Mobile World Congress 2018, Telefónica, the leading provider of technology for the home in Spain, announced the upcoming launch of Movistar Home, an intelligent device that will integrate all of Aura’s artificial intelligence services and launch in Spain this autumn.

With edge computing capabilities to process and analyze data, Movistar Home reinvents communications in the home with Aura, becoming the central connection for all devices in the home from which users can manage all of their services. In this way, clients can speak with Aura via Movistar Home to do things like: change the channel, program recording or ask for a recommendation. Equipped with a second screen, Movistar Home also allows the making of phone calls and video calls that can be projected in the television, as well as managing the connectivity of the router and controlling the television by voice, thus enjoying a new entertainment experience.

Mormedi is proud to have participated in the design of the Movistar Home device and we are excited to continue working with Telefónica, a pioneering company in client experience in the area of telecommunications.

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