The Importance of Choosing the Right Color

    Daniela Saucedo

    Senior Lead Designer

    Did you know that 85% of shoppers make purchasing decisions based primarily on colors and appearance?

    Color is a factor that influences us consciously and unconsciously. When we begin a CMF project (Color, Material and Finishing), we know that colors, beyond being a purely aesthetic aspect, are also related to psychological and cultural criteria that influence the perception and comprehension of products and spaces. According to a rapport published by the Orthomolecular magazine, it has been discovered that the color pink slows down the endocrine system and relaxes muscles. In few words, this color may be associated with the word “relief”.

    Colors are additional resources in design, and can help enhance product attributes, hide details, prioritize functions and transmit the values of the brand.

    In Mormedi, we are convinced that the right choice of color should go together with the understanding of the material and finishing, because modifying these elements can affect the final result drastically. If we give color samples to manufacturers, we should furnish them with samples that have the same characteristics as the product being discussed. When this is not possible it is best to ask for different tests to choose the color that best meets customer expectations.

    While one might think that the choice of color is a simple task, it's amazing how this world is constantly changing. Last year everything was about “marsala”, a year earlier it was “radiant orchid” and this year “quartz rose” and “serenity” have been selected as an antidote to the stresses of everyday life by providing comfort and tranquility. Quartz Rose and Serenity_ are joined together to reflect connection and well-being as well as a sense of order and tranquility”_ Leatrice Eisenman, Pantone Color Institute.

    The challenge however, is not to know what is fashionable now, but what will happen in the coming years. Institutes of color such as the Color Marketing Group and Pantone, and various specialized studies such as the Global Color Research, help us make predictions. The reality is that we know right now the next 3 years in trends and colors that will be presented in coming seasons in showcases worldwide and use this information when making decisions regarding this area in our designs.

    In Mormedi we work in different sectors, from consumer electronics to aircraft interiors, and each project responds to different needs. Not all products meet fashion trends, which is why although we must know them, trends should be left aside when necessary.

    All colors tell us something, perhaps “green” is not the most suitable for professional products related to health as that could be related to “rot”, but for much more dynamic and consumer electronics sectors, can be super “trendy “.

    When working with airlines, CMF choice is crucial. Our main challenge is to balance trends with the values the brand wants to transmit and, of course, the budget allocated for it. On average, colors and materials chosen will be in use in travel for 6 years, so our designs must be innovative and hold up well over time.

    The biggest challenge for me as a designer working with CMF has maybe been the subjectivity in color perception. The world”s most exciting color for someone can be considered totally inappropriate for others. That is why the most important thing when working on a project of this kind is to properly debate the choice. It is always crucial to understand what product we are designing, whom we are targeting and above all, what values we want to convey.

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