Service Design Global Conference: "Courage to design for good"



Last week we were back in person, attending the Service Design Global Conference titled "Courage to design for good", organised by the Service Design Network. This time we headed to the industrial docklands of Copenhagen to discuss how we as the service design community can establish the courage to set a different agenda, both in the products and services we design, and for the communities and organisations we are part of. Here are a few snippets from the two days:

How can design help to construct a better future?

By setting new priorities and assuming agency (in the sense of empowerment).

What are design most relevant superpowers?

Design as a systemic discipline has tools that help to scale, collaborate, track, measure and connect to business impact.

What else is needed?

We need to find new organisational structures that cultivate empowered and poly potential teams in order to tackle the complex challenges of today.

How to proceed?

Immerse ourselves into the "Mess of the present" to create a future that is still possible!

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