Meet Holdi Moldi, a cost-efficient BYOD solution for airlines

Pablo Rabadán & Bárbara San Román

Strategy & Design

A few weeks ago, a magazine asked us to do some brainstorming for ideas of how the inflight experience could be enhanced to lure flyers, but with minimal financial outlay for airlines.

This is how we came up with the idea of Holdi Moldi: a cost-efficient solution for airlines to improve passenger experience on board.

Customers enjoy feeling safe and comfortable when they are flying, as well as having entertainment options. Looking into the growing trend of bringing your own device to your flight, a design solution is a moldable support that can hang from your fold out table, as well as transform into a stand to rest on top of it when it’s open, expanding the ways you can comfortably consume media in an airplane, no matter the size or model of your device.

tray.png holding phone.png

Another use for it is as a moldable toy. You can play with the malleability of the coated wire to create any shape you desire, entertaining kids during the flight by making them use their imagination.

kid playing.png holdy tray perspective.png

Small ideas sometimes can bring big solutions!

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