Mormedi designed a three-wheeled electric, connected vehicle for Torrot





Mormedi designed a three-wheeled electric, connected vehicle for Torrot


One of the world's leading e-scooter manufacturers wanted a brand new, innovative electric vehicle for the urban environment


Mormedi designed the Velocípedo, a three-wheeled electric, connected vehicle

What we did

Research & Strategy, Benchmark, Best practices, Value proposition development, Design strategy, Design Concepts, 3D Models and full-scale prototype, CMF, User validation, Final design

Torrot asked Mormedi to create a new, fully electric vehicle that responded to the unmet needs of urban users. In just 10 months, Mormedi created a vehicle from scratch that has carved out a new niche. The Velocipedo has achieved 6,000 pre-orders vs. projected first year sales of 3,000 units.

The Challenge

Torrot challenged Mormedi to create a new electric vehicle specifically adapted to the real conditions of urban life. Mormedi sought to develop a vehicle that was attractive to people that wanted to find a better solution to getting around the city. The result had to be so convincing that it could persuade users of motorcycles, cars and public transportation to consider this product.

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Our Approach

In order to carve out a real niche within urban mobility, Mormedi went about identifying the difficulties, concerns and desires of potential users. The research and strategy phase of the project established that the vehicle had to be truly practical: agile, safe, comfortable, connected and universal. Mormedi then used these insights as the basis for an iterative design process from initial concepts through to prototyping and user testing.

The Torrot Velocípedo: The Ultimate Urban? “The bike was revealed at EICMA in Milan, and has been quite a surprise. It is a unique three-wheeled vehicle, 100% Spanish, and is so original