Our work in Connected Services

We create services that use technology to connect people and brands

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Putting Movistar at the heart of the home and helping them to achieve substantial cost reductions

Mormedi worked with Telefónica on an ambitious project to position its brand at the heart of the home, and increase its visibility and customer loyalty, by designing a home environment product line.

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Designing the home AI device for Telefónica

Mormedi created the Movistar Home, powered by Aura, the device that would allow people to control their digital lives and be at the very heart of the home.

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Unlocking digital value in a physical business

Mormedi helped Repsol develop concrete, defensible ideas for transformative new business opportunities.

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Personalising the digital hotel experience for a 42% increase in sales

The new app had an impact. of 42% increase in sales and 53% increase downloads compared to the previous 7 months.