Disrupting cargo transport with HyperloopTT





Disrupting cargo transport with HyperloopTT


The HyperloopTT collective needed to design a sustainable freight transportation system to provide a solution to the transport problem situation


Mormedi designed the Electric-powered Cargo Transportation System, autonomous electric trucks and the Hyperloop Capsules, a complete ecosystem that will allow cities to liberate urban space and revolutionise freight transportation

What we did

Research, Strategy, Ecosystem design, Physical product design (capsule, vehicle and terminal)

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As part of the HyperloopTT collective, Mormedi has designed a cargo transport system and iconic capsule that will change freight haulage forever.

The challenge

With global adoption of digital technology and the emergence of new markets, the international trade is flourishing, requiring more and more cargo capacity every year. Many main ports are currently running at maximum capacity, while rail & road transport are increasing their delivery times, increasing uncertainty levels. Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2030 there will be a +50% traffic increase and +70% global freight volume increase.

Commited with this problem, as a part of the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT) global mobility collective, Mormedi was in charge of designing the entire end-to-end journey for freight haulage, from the process by which containers would be inserted into the capsule to envisioning feasible ways of integrating Hyperloop into current port systems.

Mormedi also designed an iconic cargo transportation capsule, as well as an autonomous vehicle that could move containers into the Hyperloop capsule.

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Our approach

Mormedi developed an approach in close collaboration with the Hyperloop TT team for over 12 months, in order to leverage Hyperloop’s technology to integrate x-to-end cargo solutions and improve at systematic level the infrastructure, environmental and economic challenges detected today.

The project was carried out in two phases: research and design.

During the research phase, Mormedi carried out an in-depth investigation of Hyperloop’s project in order to map the whole product journey, its technical needs, and the technology inside to solve the pain points of the industry.

During the design phase, Mormedi’s industrial designers and engineers developed several concepts for the freight capsule, including different loading systems. Mormedi designed plans for how cargo should work within Hyperloop, and how Hyperloop could be feasibly implemented within existing port infrastructure.

"We are proud to be working with a world-class design partner such as Mormedi to bring the HyperloopTT cargo solution to life. We are on track to move both people and cargo more quickly, cheaply, and sustainably than any of the alternatives.”

Dirk Ahlborn, CEO, HyperloopTT