Elevators of the future

Mitsubishi Electric

We defined the future vision for the next generation of elevators. We formulated a global product strategy both from design and marketing perspective that contemplated the cultural context and local needs of ten key markets around the world.

Elevators Study and Design. 2016.
Mitsubishi Electric
What we did:
International field research, Design and product strategy.

Mitsubishi Electric was faced with a global market for elevators that was complex and changing, due to cultural, technological, and commercial factors. How could a company win increasing market share in such an environment?


For almost two years, we partnered with Mitsubishi Electric to research the socio-cultural, aesthetic, and technological and economic factors affecting the elevator provider selection process. We used our global network to conduct interviews with the most relevant experts in 10 countries across the globe. As part of our analysis to inform the product strategy, we also looked into local factors such as the complexity of the decision making and provider selection in order to help Mitsubishi Electric compete more effectively.


Mormedi created a global product strategy proposal, complete with design guidelines for implementation, which were shared in a 2-day workshop in Madrid.

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Our study consisted of a combination of desk research and on the ground field work in Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Mexico, where we  interviewed experts, Mitsubishi regional offices and users, and conducted a series of  building visits.

We used our global network to schedule interviews with the Top 5 most relevant experts in the 9 countries visited. In each location we were accompanied by representatives of Mitsubishi from Engineering, Design and Strategic Leadership.


In depth study of cultural context, lifestyle trends, aesthetic sensibilities, functional needs, business context, etc.


Strategic recommendation in terms of product positioning and portfolio considering the different market needs of 10 geographies.

Design guidelines

Specific design guidelines for the next generation of elevator design which included functional, aesthetic and service related aspects for each portfolio category.

Concept design

Future vision of Mitsubishi Electric elevators.


Building visited


International experts interviewed


End users interviewed

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We defined a comprehensive opportunity framework that provided strategic and practical guidance to our client on how to approach key markets through a two pronged approach that combined standardization with some amount of local adaptation.

We also provided a set of general design guidelines which identified key experiential and functional improvement areas for the next generation of elevators.

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