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“A Good Brand is Built around the Right Experience”

What comes first: the brand or the experience? You may think that this is a classic “chicken or egg” conundrum. However, the answer is actually rather simple.

Can a brand exist without an experience? No.

Without an experience, a brand is a promise and good intentions without a soul.

I can have a brand that conveys something spectacular, yet if the experience is not good upon interacting with it, that brand is worthless.

This explains why every customer touchpoint is so critical. These are the moments when you really build the brand: the moments that reflect what people feel and then communicate about you, what they lived, their experience. Everything else is an unfulfilled promise.

The experience goes beyond the user, it is the soul of an organization, inside and out. It is the result of everything combined. If the staff has a good experience, identifies with the company, and is proud of belonging to the company, then they will transmit this outside the organization, and customers will notice it. Unfortunately, if the opposite is true, customers will also notice it, but negative effects are magnified 100-fold!

Most importantly, when you are treated well, you accept imperfection, you understand that mistakes can happen, and you are able to forgive.

Achieving that complicity and trust with today’s customer is very important… and extremely difficult. We are talking about a customer who is hyper-connected, demanding, and has a lot of power. The only way to achieve this is to meet customer expectations through a good experience and creating an emotional bond.

In the past the brand was created on the basis of promises that were then delivered. Today, this no longer holds true. Now brands are permeable; the user builds their idea of the brand while interacting with it; if you can’t live it, it is not complete, and if the brand doesn’t meet expectations, everyone can find out within a matter of seconds.

So, if we ask ourselves, “What comes first, the brand or the experience?”, the answer is neither difficult nor enigmatic: if I have given the desired experience to my clients, they will identify with my brand and will be the best ambassadors for it.


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