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Global research: The key ingredient in insight-driven innovation

At Mormedi, we believe in insight-driven innovation, which means that we begin our projects with a Discovery phase. This phase allows us to delve deeply into unmet user needs and identify real market opportunities

By cross referencing both qualitative and quantitative data—from a user, technology and business perspective—gives Mormedi’s Strategic Design Methodology a solid foundation on which to build game-changing new products and services.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric approached us to help them formulate a global product strategy to design and commercialize the next generation of elevators, taking into account the cultural context and local needs of key markets across the globe.

For almost two years, we partnered with Mitsubishi Electric to research the socio-cultural, aesthetic, and technological factors affecting the elevator provider selection process. We used our global network to gain interviews with experts in numerous markets across Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

From this research we created a global product strategy proposal, complete with design guidelines for implementation, which are being used in the design of the new generation of Mitsubishi Electric elevators.

Hundreds of buildings visited and expert and user interviews carried out over 2 years

Jamco (Aircraft interiors manufacturer)

Combining our knowledge of the business class market and our design strategy methodology we created a specification for seat supplier Jamco to guide the development of their new staggered seating product.

Mormedi utilised a four-stage research method. Research was conducted into trends and technologies, a series of interviews were conducted with multiple airlines, frequent flyers and internal Jamco employees. Alongside this, a detailed benchmarking process of 16 competitor seats was created.

The information collected led to a comprehensive set of design guidelines, based on an opportunity map and user typologies, plus a product strategy roadmap to ensure the best possibility of success for the product.

16 competitor products analysed, rated, and benchmarked

15 external stakeholders interviewed:

8 airline executives, 5 frequent flyers, 2 OEM executives

Other client engagements that Mormedi has completed include the following:

  • A company asked Mormedi to design a 10-year strategic roadmap to reflect the evolution of a specific type of electronics in terms of service, digital interaction, user experience and industrial design. We explored 60 trends, interviewed 19 end users, and analysed 6 competitors.
  • A major manufacturer asked Mormedi to help identify new business opportunities. As part of that research we analysed over 700 start-ups, dozens of social trends, as well as best practices from across industries.
  • A financial institution asked Mormedi to help identify new business opportunities. As part of that research we analysed over 40 consumer trends and carried out focus groups across the globe.


Our strength in global trend, business, and consumer research is what sets Mormedi apart. By basing our designs and recommendations on in-depth industry knowledge and customer research, we are able to consistently create solutions with powerful, differentiated, and validated value propositions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Mormedi’s global research and strategic design capabilities can help your company succeed, please contact us on madridHQ@mormedi.com.

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