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Innovation and Humanization in Retail and Banking

Recently, we had the pleasure of brining a select group of experts for an event at our HQ dedicated to exploring the current and future trends of retail and banking. The focus was on how digitalization and human experience are transforming both sectors. Here we share some of the highlights from our guest speakers.

Commodification of Financial Products

A recurring theme in our discussion was the need to "commodify" financial services. This idea, highlighted by our guests, refers to transforming intangible services into tangible and desirable experiences for the customer. Fran Vignard, with his vast experience in the financial sector, shared how this strategy has been crucial in adapting financial products to the needs and desires of the modern consumer.

Merging the Digital World with Physical Space

Dimas Gimeno, known for his innovative Wow Concept project, illustrated how integrating digital brands into physical spaces can create unique and memorable shopping experiences. This strategy not only enriches the offer for consumers but also sets a new standard in retail, demonstrating that digitalization and human contact can coexist harmoniously to enhance the customer experience.

Technology as an Enhancement, Not a Replacement

Celestino García, with his deep knowledge of technology and retail, emphasized the importance of using technology to enrich, not replace, human interactions. Implementing advanced cybersecurity, personalization through artificial intelligence, and creating strong communities are key to building trust and lasting relationships between brands and consumers.

Looking to the Future

The event left us with a clear vision: the future of retail and banking lies in a balance between technological innovation and a deep understanding of human needs. Commodification, as discussed, is not just a market strategy but a means to genuinely connect with customers, offering them experiences that go beyond the transaction.


The event showed very interesting insights into the future of retail and banking through the eyes of those at the forefront of these transformations. The convergence of digitalization with rich and meaningful human experiences promises not only to revolutionize the way we interact with services and products but also how we connect with them on an emotional level.

We are left with the certainty that the way forward is through conscious, human-centered innovation, building a future where technology and human relationships intertwine to create a more inclusive, secure, and exciting retail and banking ecosystem.

We thank all the speakers and participants for joining us. You can check the whole recording here.

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Innovation and Humanization in Retail and Banking

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