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Mormedi has released its latest set of trend cards, this time on The Future of Work

As technology-driven innovation accelerates, we are finding that many of our clients are looking for inspiration and guidance on how best to steer their digital transformation programs, all of which are underpinned by the need for a cultural transformation. To respond to this need, Mormedi has taken some of its extensive knowledge in work-related to trends to create this set of trend cards: a tool to help you ideate and create solutions appropriate to overcoming transformation challenges.

Global shifts in the work environment

These trend cards help contextualize the shifts happening in the global work environment. The sociocultural, technological, and environmental trends are arranged under five headings: lifestyle; society & demographics; work environment; technology at work, and human-computer interaction.

From marginal phenomenon today to  reality tomorrow

While technology will certainly bring unforeseen changes, it can be assumed that most of the trends described within these trend cards will define the world of work for years to come. These trends will condition all aspects of our work context, including spaces, tools, relationships, and culture.

Anticipating the future

Using these trend cards when contemplating and designing new solutions helps you to go beyond what is possible or fathomable today by anticipating future evolutions.

Using trend cards as a tool

The cards have been designed to be used in a number of ways.

Learn about shifts

These cards will help you and your team familiarise yourselves with the changes that are happening in the world of work right now, and to learn about how some companies have adapted to these shifts.

Start a conversation

These cards are designed to help start a conversation, whether within your team, between different departments (e.g. engineering and marketing), or even among different companies. The trends will mean something different to each person, depending on their personal experience, expertise, and industry. Discussing trends from different perspectives generates fruitful debate.

Inspire new solutions

This trend card set is a helpful tool that can be used in collaborative ideation sessions and workshops to inspire new solutions.

If you are interested in using the trend cards as a tool as part of your organisation’s transformation journey, contact us to schedule a workshop at madridHQ[at]mormedi.com.

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