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The latest in railway transportation at InnoTrans 2022

The future of transportation goes from technology, infrastructure, collective transport to multimodality. There are many international events that cover these topics from different perspectives, InnoTrans is one of the most complete ones. Besides seeing tank wagons, high-speed trains, and buses displayed on 3500 metres of track, we identified five trends that will be shaping the world of transport.

1. Hydrogen, hydrogen…did we say hydrogen?

Hydrogen has a key role to play in decarbonizing transport and manufacturers are aware of it. At InnoTrans, we got to see hydrogen fueled trains and buses. This is a trend that we already saw at last year’s IAA Mobility as a solution for heavy goods vehicles and is becoming more and more relevant.

2. Homelike atmosphere

Manufacturers are using wood-finish laminates, textiles more similar to those found in the home even marble-style bathroom finishes in the interior of the trains.

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3. Interiors designed for multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is becoming relevant. People want to get from point A to B walking, by bicycle, car, train, plane or all of them together. Manufacturers are designing cabin interiors of trains taking multimodality into consideration, with spaces to bring along bicycles and scooters even going the extra mile with charging areas for those that are electric.

4. Impressive livery

We got to see trains with full vinyl-covered exteriors and eye-catching graphics.

5. Digital signs and screens everywhere

Digital screens inside and outside the trains both for information and advertising purposes, with new solutions for displaying from screens in more visible places, projections on glass, to icons on windows and lights on doors.

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